2014 Aircraft Fitting Aluminum Plate

2014 Aircraft Fitting Aluminum Plate

FOB Price: US $2,969-4,869/MT
Thickness: 1mm-600mm
Temper: O T3 T4 T6
Min Order Quantity: 3 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Type: Aluminum sheet
Port: Chongqing Shanghai

Product Details

1. Product Introduction:

2014 aircraft fitting aluminum plate is one of the strongest commercially available aluminum alloys, widely used in the aerospace industry. Other applications include heat treatment, annealing. Aluminum 2014 is available in multiple tempers and forms. Such as O, T3, T4, T6.

aluminum sheet 1.jpg

2.Chemical Compositions:


3.Product Properties

Physical Property



2.82 g/cm³

Modulus of Elasticity

71 GPa

Electrical Resistivity

0.045 x10^-6 Ω .m

Thermal Conductivity

138 W/m.K

Thermal Expansion

23 x10^-6 /K

Melting Point

535 °C

4.Other alloys


5.Company Strength

Technologies: Top polishing technology guarantees good luster and smooth surface.

Markets: Obtain market sharing all over the world.

Equipment: Advanced cutting line to provide a wide range of specifications.

6.Quality Control:

Our company has built the quality supervision department and aluminum lab to control the quality . We have complete test line to make sure our products's quality to meet per customers requirements!