620mm Thick 3104 Aluminum Slab

Alloy: 3104
Thickness: 220MM-620MM
Width: 1000MM-2300MM
Surface Treatment: Mill Finish
Loading Port: Chongqing Qinzhou Shanghai

Product Details

Product Introduction:

3104 aluminum-manganese alloy also known as deformed aluminum alloy. The 3000 series aluminum alloy has the appropriate elongation, good corrosion resistance, good processing performance, and can be smelted and processed into alloys with different hardness according to different application requirements. 

Chemical Composition:


Aluminum alloy slab specification:


Production equipment:

The total annual production capacity of our rolling slabs currently stands at approximately 500,000 metric tonnes per annum.



Rolling slabs are suitable for finished products such as ultra light gauge foils as well as for cookware foil used for food wrapping. In lithographic applications, they are used in producing offset printing plates, and are also used in the packaging industry, transport and aviation industries, construction and general engineering applications like panelling, flooring and roofing among others.

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Standard seaworth packing


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