EN574 7075 O Aluminum Tube

Grade: 7000 series
Temper: O T6
Application: Aircraft
Type: Aluminum Tube
Transport Package: Wooden Pallet/Case
Certificate: ISO 9001
Port: Chongqing Shanghai

Product Details

1.7075 Aerospace Aluminum Tube:

EN574 7075 O Aluminum Tube is a high-strength alloy that offers good stress-corrosion cracking resistance. Known as a mainstay in the aerospace industry since it was introduced, Aluminum 7075 brings moderate toughness as well as an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It is also important to note that at sub-zero temperatures Aluminum 7075 increases in strength.

Standard:ASTM B210, AMSWW-T-700/7, AMS-QQ-A-200/11, AMS4154,EN574Seamless Aluminium pipe.jpg


●Highly stressed structural parts

●Aircraft fittings

●Gears and shafts

●Fuse parts

●Meter shafts and gears

●Missile components

●Regulating valve parts

●Worm gears

●Other aerospace and aircraft  parts

3.Aluminum tube advantages:

First, the advantages of welding technology: thin-walled copper-aluminum tube welding technology suitable for industrial production, known as the world-class problem, is the key technology for the aluminum-based copper of the air-conditioner connecting tube.

Second, the service life advantage: from the inner wall of the aluminum tube, since the refrigerant does not contain moisture, the inner wall of the copper-aluminum connecting tube does not corrode.

The third is the energy-saving advantage: the connecting line between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the lower the heat transfer efficiency, the more energy-saving, or the better the heat insulation effect, the more power-saving.

Fourth, excellent bending performance, easy to install, transfer machine



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