1 3 5 series aluminum sheet plate introduction

- Nov 06, 2018-

1060 aluminum alloy requires high corrosion resistance and formability, but the strength is not high, chemical equipment is its typical use.

1100 aluminum sheet is used for processing parts that require good formability and high corrosion resistance but do not require high strength, such as chemical products, food industry equipment and storage containers, sheet metal parts, deep drawing or spinning concave vessels, Welding parts, heat exchangers, printing plates, nameplates, reflective appliances

3004 aluminum sheet, slab, stretch tube. As long as the extruded tube is used for the all-aluminum can body, it requires higher parts than the 3003 alloy, chemical production and storage devices, sheet metal processing parts, building baffles, cable ducts, sewers, and various lamp parts.

3003 aluminum plate sheet, stretch tube. Squeeze the tube. type. Baton. Wire. Cold-worked bars, cold-worked wire, rivet wire, forgings, foils, heat sinks are mainly used for processing parts that require good formability, high corrosion resistance, or good weldability, or require these properties. There are parts that require higher strength than the 1 series alloy, such as tanks and tanks for transporting liquids, pressure tanks, storage devices, heat exchangers, chemical equipment, aircraft fuel tanks, oil conduits, reflectors, kitchen equipment, washing machine blocks, rivets , welding wire.

5052 This alloy has good formability, corrosion resistance, candle resistance, fatigue strength and medium static strength. It is used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, and sheet metal parts for transportation vehicles and ships.