3003-H18 honeycomb aluminum foil substrate building curtain wall exterior wall hanging board

- Feb 02, 2019-

The aluminum honeycomb composite panel is an exterior wall high-grade building decoration material that used to be used only in the demanding aerospace industry. The surface layer of the board is an aluminum alloy sheet, and the center layer is a honeycomb structure made of aluminum foil, which has excellent rigidity and is the best product in the current metal curtain wall material. This product is widely used in modern building decoration and manufacturing industries such as trains, automobiles and ships.

Aluminum plate

The overall structure and coating structure of the honeycomb core aluminum alloy composite board are divided into three layers: the outer layer is an aluminum alloy sheet of 0.2 to 0.7 mm, the center layer is made of a honeycomb structure with 3003 aluminum foil, glass cloth or fiber paper, and the surface of the aluminum sheet is sprayed to be polymerized. The coloring protection fluorine coating - polyvinylidene fluoride, the outer surface of the composite board is covered with a peelable plastic protective film to protect the surface of the board from damage during processing and installation.

The structure of the aluminum honeycomb core can play the multiple functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, weight reduction and high strength on the outer wall of the curtain wall. As the middle layer, the choice of the aluminum foil material for the honeycomb core has the final performance of the honeycomb composite board. Significant influence. Our company has accumulated rich processing experience in the field of aluminum foil for honeycomb core. The thickness of aluminum foil substrate for 3003-H18 honeycomb core produced by the company is generally between 0.03-0.08mm, mostly between 0.04-0.06mm, except for aluminum foil products. The oil is clean, the strength is high, the plate shape is flat, the tensile strength is above 280 MPA, and the elongation is about 3%.

From the current situation of domestic and foreign customers, the 300-H18 honeycomb core aluminum foil substrate is used well on the curtain wall external wall hanging board, and the product is not only affordable, the stability of product performance and the service life of the finished product after processing. It is much better than more than 70% of the peers in the market. It is the preferred manufacturer for many buyers to reduce costs and ensure quality.