6061 aluminum alloy anti-skid manhole cover

- Dec 13, 2018-

With the continuous improvement of the urbanization process, the drainage and sewage facilities in the city have been continuously improved, and the manhole covers have become the equipment of the city everywhere.

Today, the manhole cover of many cities is made of 6061 aluminum. Street anti-slip cover material can also choose 6061-t6 aluminum plate.

6061 is a cold-processed aluminum forged product suitable for applications where corrosion resistance and oxidizing requirements are high. Good usability, excellent interface characteristics, easy coating and good processability.

6061 aluminum alloy has high strength, high strength against bending, bending and impact, and has toughness. After long-term use, the product will not be crushed and damaged.

The aluminum alloy anti-skid manhole cover has beautiful appearance, the aluminum alloy has good cutting performance and is easy to process. The surface pattern of the manhole cover is beautifully designed, the color is bright and adjustable, and the urban environment is beautified; easy to use and light weight: the weight of the aluminum alloy product is only about one third of the cast iron. It is easy to transport, install and repair, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. The aluminum alloy has strong weather resistance and is suitable for various temperature environments. It is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, resistant to vehicle rolling and has a long service life.