A brief introduction to drawing aluminum tubes

- Jan 18, 2019-

Precision aluminum tubes are divided into extruded and drawn tubes, and in many applications, drawn tubes are more popular. The drawing tube is formed by drawing the extruded tube through the mold. In addition to increasing the strength of the aluminum tube, the drawing process also ensures higher dimensional accuracy of the aluminum tube, and the surface of the aluminum tube is also better, and the drawing process improves the aluminum. Tube bending, flaring and forming properties.

The aluminum tube is also divided into seamless aluminum tube and slotted aluminum tube according to the extrusion process. Our aluminum tube can be used for straight tube or coil. If the customer needs to cut the length, we can also meet the requirements.

The finished product of fine-drawn pipe is finished by finishing. The fine-drawn pipe is made of a seamless pipe 5-10 mm larger than the required product, and a mold of the required product specification (or shape) is installed inside and outside the blank pipe. Then the mold and the blank tube are moved relative to each other (the process is completed by the stretching machine), and the product is high in precision and bright.