Advantages of 5052 alloy aluminum plate for TV LCD backplane

- Feb 20, 2019-

In recent years, due to changes in the upstream screen resources of the TV industry, the design of the TV appearance has been revolutionized, which has brought about two changes: from the shell design to the integrated design of the module structure and the shell, and from the plastic material. Transformed into the design of metallic materials. The metal material 5052 alloy aluminum plate is used for the LCD TV back sheet due to its superior performance.

The surface of the LCD backsheet is required to be clean and delicate, uniform in color, and it is not allowed to have cracks, corrosion, vent holes, peeling, metal and non-metal indentations, scratches, scratches, embossing marks, roll marks, oil spots, bright bands. , dark bands and other visible defects in the naked eye.

The performance of the 5052 aluminum plate for the LCD back plate meets its requirements, and the density of the 5052 aluminum plate is 2.72 g/cm3. The 5052 aluminum plate has high heat coefficient and excellent heat dissipation performance; the residual internal stress of the plate is small, and warpage deformation due to stress release should not occur after machining, ensuring tight press fit; 90 degree bend without crack.

5052 alloy aluminum plate In addition to the use of TV LCD backplane, 5052 aluminum plate products are widely used in the field of trolley case, fuel tank material, tank material, door panel material, high voltage switch housing and so on.

5052 aluminum plate