Aluminum plate packaging standard

- Dec 18, 2018-

Aluminum is widely used in our daily life. Its excellent performance and light texture make it a pivotal position in modern industry. In actual aluminum production, aluminum is processed into aluminum sheets of different thickness for convenient transportation and use. Because aluminum has active chemical properties and is an easily oxidizable metal, it must be strictly packed during transportation and storage.

1. Firstly, the aluminum plate is tightly wrapped with a dense waterproof film, and carefully sealed with tape to ensure that no part of the aluminum plate is exposed to the humid air that may appear, and sufficient desiccant is placed inside the package. This is to ensure the internal drying of the aluminum plate, to prevent the aluminum plate from contacting any liquid, and to prevent oxidation or corrosion of the aluminum plate.

2. On the outside of the waterproof film, wrap a layer of cowhide waterproof paper. This is mainly to ensure that the weak waterproof membrane will not be damaged. The waterproof paper can also isolate the external moisture to a certain extent. The thick kraft paper can well isolate the temperature difference between the surface and the environment, and avoid the occurrence of moisture in the aluminum plate due to excessive temperature difference. Condensation to prevent oxidation of the aluminum plate.

3, outside the kraft paper, will cover the entire layer of corrugated paper for protection, the edge and corner of the aluminum plate are protected with a special corrugated, and finally the aluminum plate and the wooden pallet are packaged together with a metal packing tape. Reinforce the tens of tons of aluminum plate to prevent the aluminum plate from scattering and sliding during transportation. After the fixing, avoid friction between the aluminum plate and the aluminum plate.

After repeated trials, such a packaging method can effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation of the aluminum plate, and protect the aluminum plate during long-distance transportation, and the aluminum plate is not deformed and scratched due to handling.