Aluminum plate promotes China's industrial lightweight upgrade

- Dec 04, 2018-

The world's largest but spherical spherical radio telescope is in full swing in the southern part of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province. The important equipment on the "Eye of the Sky" - reflective surface unit panels and panel structural parts are provided by Chinalco. This is China. Aluminum processing companies are involved in the astronomy field for the first time. The choice of an aluminum panel as a reflective panel for a radio telescope is precisely the advantage of lightweight aluminum alloy panels.

Lightweight is the development trend of the material industry. The excellent performance of aluminum is an important material to promote the lightweight of China's industry. All countries have set the goal of Industry 4.0, and China is also vigorously promoting technological upgrading in the industrial field. In order to reduce the consumption of industrial production, realize the recycling of resources, and complete the upgrading of manufacturing technology, aluminum sheet is an excellent material with lighter weight, better performance and can be recycled many times. It deserves to be the main force to promote industrial 4.0 upgrade in China. .

Although China's aluminum industry is facing the pressure of low overall technical level, high energy consumption and overcapacity, the market potential of aluminum sheets is also huge. China's per capita aluminum consumption level is only one-fifth of that of the United States, and there is still huge potential to be tapped. At present, the supply of aluminum sheets exceeds demand, and the price is at a historical low level, which is a good opportunity to officially expand the application of aluminum sheets.

In the transportation field, cars, boats, and airplanes produced from aluminum alloy materials can effectively reduce their own weight, reduce energy consumption, and greatly increase the capacity level. In Europe and the United States, aluminum bodies have been widely used, and China is still far behind. A big reason is that smelting technology is not enough. As China Aluminum and other related companies increase technology research and development, China has broken the monopoly of Europe and the United States in many technical fields such as marine aluminum panels, lightweight aluminum panels for vehicles, automotive interior and exterior panels, automotive deep-drawing structures, and high-end aluminum wagons. Gradually entering the practical field.