Aluminum square tube product release operation precautions

- Mar 12, 2019-

The aluminum square tube products that have just come out of the furnace of the production workshop must choose the appropriate operation method and handle it correctly. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary damage on the surface, affecting the appearance quality and failing to meet the requirements of customers.

First of all, the aluminum square tube should be inspected thoroughly before the furnace is discharged. The other objects on the piled site should not be too much. When the stack is placed, it should be handled gently. It should not be too high to avoid scratches. The aluminum square tube profile should be Use a suitable plug to prevent excessive deformation of the broken head. This is used to control the straightening rate.

When mixing materials, pay attention to the different methods of surface treatment of different products, the materials used are not the same, try to face non-decorative face down or non-decorative surface and non-installation, keep aluminum square tube support and support Try to avoid rubbing, bumping, scratching, scratching or hurting the decorative surface.

Before cutting the saw, it is necessary to think about whether the waste at the end of the material is long enough. If it is found that the whole material or batch is not long, you should immediately tell the stop or start the hand. After sawing, you should carefully check whether the end of the profile is deformed. Sawing deformation can properly slow down the near speed of the saw.

Before the aluminum square tube is framed, it is necessary to make each material pass through the channel before the frame is dry. The shape is more complicated. After the frame is framed, the profile that is simply crushed by the spacer should be separated by a flat tube, and the product with strict surface quality should be used. The high temperature felt has a single distance, and it is necessary to arrange the spacers neatly.