Application and Properties of 2011 aluminum alloy

- Sep 18, 2018-

2011 aluminum alloy, in all aluminum alloy products, because of the addition of lead and antimony, it is the most free-cutting alloy products. For medium-strength products in 2011, materials in the T3 state provide excellent deep processing at lower strengths. For high-strength products, T8 state materials should be used. 2011 has excellent processability and high productivity for machining on automatic lathes. Basically no need to use the chip sharing device. As the most free-cutting product in aluminum alloy, the machining performance level of 2011 is A, the chip of the processed product is very small, the cutting surface has self-cleaning function, and the smoothness of the car parts is excellent. Widely used in hardware machinery parts, automotive oil system accessories, clock parts, gears, pipes, video and audio adapters, photographic equipment parts, instrumentation instrument shafts, military defense products, industrial connectors and odometers, potentiometers, timers , electronic components such as the program mandrel. Widely used in excellent machinability. It can produce (T3nbspT8) various specifications of aluminum rods, aluminum rows, aluminum rods, high precision cold drawn round bars.