Application of Aluminum Honeycomb Plate in Foreign Railway Vehicles

- Dec 06, 2018-

As an important lightweight material, aluminum honeycomb plate are widely used in the aviation industry. They have also been used in railway vehicles abroad. They are widely used, such as the French TGV series and the Italian ETR series high-speed trains. The aluminum honeycomb plate has only been used in China in recent years. Although it has achieved certain effects, its application range is still limited. The understanding of the characteristics and application range of honeycomb sandwich materials needs to be further strengthened and expanded.

In foreign countries, the French TGV series and the Italian ETR series of high-speed trains have long used honeycomb sandwich composite materials to make interior wall panels and roof panels. Later, many European railway vehicle manufacturers used aluminum honeycomb panels to manufacture railway vehicles. Parts, applications range from side wall panels, inner roof panels, partition panels, flooring, door panels for interior and exterior doors, and luggage racks. Among them, Italy is relatively leading in the application of aluminum honeycomb plate. Italy has long used aluminum honeycomb plate to make structural parts such as complex shape luggage racks and inner wall panels with curved windows.