Application of aluminum honeycomb plate on EMU

- Dec 06, 2018-

In China, the earliest application of aluminum honeycomb plate was to manufacture the compartment wall of the 25A soft-bed passenger car. Because the manufacturing technology was not in place at the time, the application effect was not very satisfactory. Therefore, it was not possible to continue to promote the application on the subsequent 25 passenger cars. At the end of the 20th century, due to the high requirements for vehicle lightweighting during the development of the EMU, firstly, the aluminum honeycomb plate were used in the domestic EMU prototypes to manufacture the partition walls, flat roof panels and door panels, and achieved good results. Subsequently, aluminum honeycomb panels were applied over a large area, and at the time, not only aluminum-aluminum honeycomb panels were used to manufacture partitions, flat-top panels, under-vehicle equipment decks, and various door panels. The air-conditioning air duct and the air-conditioning unit shroud are also made of aluminum honeycomb panels. The application effect of the wall, the flat roof panel, the air-conditioning duct and the air-conditioning unit shroud is the most significant, which greatly reduces the related parts. The quality has achieved the overall weight reduction of the vehicle, and has improved the manufacturing precision and quality of the parts, thereby improving the manufacturing quality of the vehicle.

However, it is the CRH series of EMUs that have made a breakthrough in the application of aluminum honeycomb panels. The breakthroughs mentioned here are mainly reflected in two aspects:

(1) The application of aluminum honeycomb panels on CRH series EMUs has produced inner wall panels with complex shapes, manufacturing tolerances and high quality requirements. The breakthrough of aluminum honeycomb panels can only be applied to the manufacture of flat structures or only in one direction. The design concept of the bent parts makes the application range beyond the application range of the interior floor, the partition, various interior and exterior door panels and the air duct of the air conditioning system.

(2) The application of aluminum honeycomb panels on CRH series EMUs has created a luggage rack that is not only complex in shape but also has high load-bearing and wear-resistant requirements. It breaks through the tradition that aluminum honeycomb panels cannot be used to manufacture important components of vehicle interior structures. The design concept has extended its application range to a new field, bringing the domestic aluminum honeycomb panel application technology to a new stage.

With the continuous deepening of the localization process of CRH series EMUs in recent years, domestically, aluminum honeycomb panel forming processing technology can be used to manufacture complex-shaped components, which has reached a high level in the manufacturing and application of aluminum honeycomb panels. However, in order to further improve the application level of aluminum honeycomb panels and improve the rationality, maturity and reliability of design and manufacturing components, the characteristics and applicability of aluminum honeycomb panels, application design methods, manufacturing processability and specific manufacturing should also be applied. The method and means further strengthen the research, truly grasp the characteristics and application design methods of aluminum honeycomb panels, to further expand the application range of aluminum honeycomb panels, and promote further lightweighting of railway vehicles.