Characteristics of aluminum honeycomb plate

- Dec 06, 2018-

The aluminum honeycomb plate is a composite material composed of an aluminum honeycomb core material and a surface material. In summary, the aluminum honeycomb plate has the following basic characteristics:

(1) Light weight, high strength, especially high bending rigidity, the same quality aluminum honeycomb plate has a bending stiffness of about 5 times that of aluminum alloy.

(2) It has extremely high surface flatness and high temperature stability, is easy to form and is not easy to be deformed. The aluminum honeycomb plate can be made not only as a flat plate, but also can be made into a hyperbolic and single curved panel, which can be disassembled after being made into vehicle parts. Convenience.

(3) Excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and environmental adaptability, can adapt to various harsh operating environments of railway EMUs and passenger cars; in addition, according to the needs, such plates can be treated by surface painting or surface-bonding fireproof panels. Good decorative and fireproof.

(4) Unique resilience, can absorb vibration energy, and has good sound insulation and noise reduction effect.

(5) The fire protection level is high, and it meets the Class A requirements in the International Fire Safety Standards UIC564-2-199l, “Fire and Fire Regulations for Railway Passenger Cars or International Unions Using Similar Vehicles”.

(6) After encountering fire, the smoke density meets the high-grade international railway fireproof standard, and has good self-extinguishing property; the heat release value is low, and the refractory layer can be formed, which can reduce the released smoke and toxic gas, and has excellent environmental protection performance. .

(7) Excellent molding and manufacturing processability, which can meet the requirements of complex shape and high stability requirements of railway vehicle interior components.