Classification of high precision drawn aluminum tubes

- Jan 17, 2019-

High-precision fine-drawn aluminum tubes are divided according to processing methods: cold drawn aluminum tubes, rolled aluminum tubes, and welded tubes. Among them, the cold drawn aluminum pipe has the highest precision, the best surface quality and the best mechanical properties.

Cold drawn aluminum pipe: The raw material is extruded aluminum pipe and rolled aluminum pipe. The aluminum tube processed by the processing method has high precision, smooth inner and outer surfaces, and the best mechanical properties. Therefore, it is widely used in all walks of life. In Japan, due to the wider use of product technology, even ordinary civilian products are required to be cold drawn and drawn aluminum tubes. Such as luggage trolley, film tripod, heating equipment heating plate.

In modern industry, many products use cold drawn aluminum tubes, such as automotive aerospace oil pipelines, laser fax, photosensitive drums in printers, aluminum tubes for magnetic rollers, etc. For turning parts, in order to reduce turning The amount of finished product is improved, and the cold drawn aluminum pipe is also attracting attention and use.