Details of the 7050 aluminum billet production process

- Jan 06, 2019-

7050 aluminum billet is a cold-treated forging alloy. It is called an aluminum alloy with this ultra-high strength. It has a higher strength than steel. It is widely used in aerospace, mold processing and manufacturing, mechanical equipment and parts processing. . With high corrosion resistance and toughness, 7050 aluminum billets also have good mechanical properties, easy processing and wear resistance, and good oxidation resistance.

The details of the 7050 aluminum billet aluminum alloy are to be noted:

1. The internal stress of the product needs to completely eliminate the internal stress during the process, so that it is not easy to warp and crack when it is processed and stressed.

2, the tolerance of the product, the product must be strictly in accordance with the standards and specifications to produce, of course, this enterprise will do.

3, the uniformity of the product, the strength and hardness of the product under heat treatment also need to be consistent.

4, the product's compactness, the product is guaranteed by the grain refinement process, to ensure that there are no bad phenomena such as bubbles, impurities, cracks and horizontal stripes.

5. The processability of the product, the chemical composition, strength and hardness deviation of the product need to be minimized. When processing, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of "cracking" and "sticky knife".

6, the product's high temperature resistance, the product is best to work without permanent deformation in the 400 ° C working environment.

7. The corrosion resistance of the product is preferably such that it can be used for a long time in various media environments without causing pits and blackening.

The above are the details that need to be paid attention to during the production of 7050 aluminum billets. Where will the 7050 aluminum billets encountered in our lives be applied? For example, indoor decorative photo frames, home appliances, refrigerators, stereos, etc., and the application of aluminum profiles can be seen everywhere in our lives.