Feature and Application of 5049 aluminum tube

- Oct 22, 2018-

5049 aluminum is a 5000-series aluminum alloy: the main alloying addition is magnesium, and it is formulated for primary forming into wrought products. 5049 is the Aluminum Association (AA) designation for this material. In European standards, it will be given as EN AW-5049. A95049 is the UNS number. Additionally, the EN chemical designation is AlMg2Mn0,8.

5049 aluminum tube is mainly used in automobile water tank, radiator, evaporator, intercooler, air conditioner. 5049-H11 aluminum is 5049 aluminum in the H11 temper. To achieve this temper, the metal is strain hardened to a strength that is roughly 1/8 of the way between annealed (O) and full-hard (H18).