Features and Applications of 7000 series aluminum zinc magnesium alloy

- Nov 21, 2018-

The 7000 Series aluminum sheet is the best performing series of the 8  series aluminum alloy, representing the highest level of current aluminum sheet production process. The main alloying elements of the 7-series aluminum sheet are zinc and magnesium. As a cold-treated forging alloy, the strength and hardness of the 7-series aluminum sheet are much better than ordinary steel.

7000 series aluminum plate features:

1. High intensity. The most striking feature of the 7-series aluminum plate is its strength. The MgZn2 structure formed by zinc and magnesium has obvious strengthening effect, which makes the heat treatment effect of the 7-series aluminum plate far better than other aluminum plates. As the content of zinc and magnesium increases, the strength of the aluminum plate will further increase.

2, good mechanical properties. The 7-series aluminum plate has excellent mechanical properties. Because the internal crystals are fine and evenly distributed, the 7-series aluminum plate has superior wear resistance, and its deep drilling performance is second to none.

3. Strong anti-corrosion ability. The 7-series aluminum plate has good resistance to stress corrosion and flaking corrosion, and is excellent in the processing of high-stress structural parts.

4. High temperature strength. The 7-series aluminum sheet has good low-temperature properties, especially when the temperature is lower than 150 °C.

Disadvantages of 7000 series aluminum plate:

1.The addition of zinc and magnesium can improve the strength of the 7-series aluminum plate, but with the increase of zinc and magnesium, the resistance to stress corrosion and flaking corrosion of the 7-series aluminum plate will also decrease.

2, 7 series aluminum plate welding performance is not high, it is not suitable for welding processing.

Representative of 7 series aluminum plate: 7075 aluminum plate

7075 aluminum plate is the representative grade of 7 series aluminum plate, which can be called the strongest commercial aluminum plate. Among them, 7075-T651 has stronger strength than mild steel, and is known as the best product in aluminum alloy.

The scope of application of 7 series aluminum plate:

Since the 1950s, 7-series aluminum sheets have been widely used in the aerospace industry and are still an indispensable material for aircraft manufacturing. Mainly applicable to: aerospace industry, blow molding (bottle) mold, ultrasonic plastic welding mold, golf head, shoe mold, paper mold, foam molding mold, wax removal mold, template, fixture, mechanical equipment, mold processing, Used to make high-end aluminum alloy bicycle frames. In 2014, it will be used for the first time as the body material of the smartphone OPPO N3.