Features and performance of 6063 aluminum sheet

- Oct 09, 2018-

6063 aluminum alloy sheet is widely used in the construction of aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall frame, in order to ensure high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative performance of doors, windows and curtain walls, the comprehensive performance requirements of aluminum alloy profiles are much higher than industrial Profile standard.

6063 representative alloy for extrusion, which has a lower strength than 6061 and good extrudability. It can be used as a complex cross-sectional shape, and has excellent corrosion resistance and surface treatment.

6063 is a low-alloyed Al-Mg-Si high plasticity alloy. Has many valuable features:

1. Heat treatment strengthening, high impact toughness, and insensitive to lack of.

2. It has excellent thermoplasticity and can be extruded at high speed into a complex structure. Thin wall. Hollow various profiles or forged forgings with complex structure, wide quenching temperature range, low quenching sensitivity, after extrusion and forging demoulding, As long as the temperature is higher than the quenching temperature. That is, it can be quenched by spraying water or water. Thin-walled parts (6<3mm) can also be subjected to wind quenching.

3. Excellent welding performance and corrosion resistance, no tendency of stress corrosion cracking. Among heat-treated reinforced aluminum alloys, Al-Mg-Si alloy is the only alloy that has no stress corrosion cracking phenomenon. 4. The surface after processing is very smooth and easy to anodize and color. The disadvantage is that if it is aged at room temperature for a period of time after quenching, it will have an adverse effect on the strength (parking effect).