Features of drawn aluminum tube 6061 6063

- Mar 06, 2019-

(1) The size of the drawn aluminum tube is accurate and the surface is smooth.

(2) It is most suitable for continuous high-speed production of very long products with very small sections. The diameter of copper and aluminum wire is up to ¢10m, and the stainless steel wire drawn by special method can be as thin as ¢0.5m. The drawn pipe has a thinnest wall thickness of up to 0.5 m.

(3) The tools and equipment for drawing are simple and easy to maintain. A wide range of products and varieties can be produced on one piece of equipment.

(4) The amount of deformation of the blank drawing pass and the total deformation between the two annealings are limited by the tensile stress. Generally, the processing rate of the cross-section is below 20% to 60%. Excessive processing rate of the pass will result in unacceptable size and shape of the drawn product, and may even be pulled off frequently. This results in numerous processes such as drawing passes, chucks, annealing and pickling, and the yield is reduced.