How are aluminum circle products prevent corrosion?

- Nov 01, 2018-

Aluminum circle is widely used in our life, is widely used in a variety of industries, electronic appliances, daily chemical, automobile, aviation and other industries have applications, aluminum circle is the basic products of aluminum metal processing.

Iron products in use for a period of time after a long period of rust phenomenon, then the aluminum circle will be like iron in the same period of time also rust?

Aluminum circle in the processing will be added to the aluminum material inside the rust corrosion and other metal elements, so the production of aluminum disc has the effect of Rust. Aluminum circle material on the addition of Manganese Alloy, we all know that manganese has a good anti-rust function, so can become anti-rust aluminum circle.

Aluminum Pot is made of aluminum disc, its surface has a very thin oxide film, only 0.00001 mm thickness, in the industry, in order to be more durable aluminum disc, often will produce good aluminum disc processing To make the oxide film thicker, so that the aluminum pot is made of both fear acid and Alkali.

Usually to avoid the surface of the aluminum circle to be scratched in a long time will be covered with a protective film or paper to separate protection, so as to avoid friction between the aluminum circle and aluminum circle scratch. At the same time, we must ensure that in the transport of a more solid, so as to avoid the problem of transportation caused by the sliding, so more likely to cause scratches.