How to classify several common checkered aluminum plates?

- Nov 13, 2018-

The application range of the pattern aluminum plate is more and more extensive, and the types of pattern aluminum plates on the market are more and more numerous, which makes everyone a bit dazzling. Most users don't know much about the pattern aluminum plate, and do not know the difference of different pattern aluminum plates. Today, I will share with you the classification of the pattern aluminum plate, so that everyone can better understand the pattern aluminum plate.

Five bars aluminum plates: This kind of aluminum plate is cheap and has good anti-slip effect. It is divided into big five bars - the length of the pattern is about 42 mm, and the small five bars - the length of the pattern is about 35 mm, and the height of the pattern is about 0.8 mm.

The point pattern aluminum plate: mainly divided into 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm thickness, used as a non-slip aluminum plate, and the five-strand aluminum plate has the same effect, but is not commonly used.

Orange peel pattern aluminum plate: classic orange peel pattern aluminum plate, variant orange peel pattern aluminum plate (also known as insect pattern). Its surface is similar to the orange peel pattern, so it can also be called orange peel pattern aluminum plate. It is a series of patterns commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.

Lentil pattern aluminum plate: It is a commonly used style on the market and has good anti-slip effect. It is mainly used for anti-skid of car and platform, non-slip of cold storage floor, non-slip floor of workshop, anti-skid aspect of elevator.

Diamond pattern aluminum plate: commonly used in packaging pipes or outer packaging.

Spherical aluminum plate: It can be called a semi-spherical aluminum plate with a small spherical pattern on the surface, just like a small pearl, so this aluminum plate can become a pearl-shaped aluminum plate. Mainly used in the outer packaging. The appearance is more beautiful, because of the special pattern, the strength of this aluminum plate is much higher than other series.

  The above is the way to divide the pattern aluminum plate according to different patterns, I hope to help everyone.