How to control the flatness within 0.01 in aluminum sheet processing?

- Nov 05, 2018-

Basic conditions: the machine has a good verticality of the Z and XY axes

Clamping: Minimize the deformation and require a high degree of plane consistency on the bottom surface. Try to use a clamping device with a small clamping force. In the case where the required yield is very high and the output is not high, you can choose AB glue or 502 glue glue, and need to match the small depth of cut, high feed small diameter cutter to reduce the cutting force, the process needs repeated processing of the front and back. In the case of high output and high processing efficiency, the clamp is clamped back and forth, and the clamping force is successively reduced by using a jig with a small clamping force such as multiple processes and aerodynamics, based on the empirically estimated deformation amount. Processing until the requirements are met.

Tool: Face milling cutters are recommended for cutting tools with small cutting resistance and adjustable blade height, while diamond blades are used to prevent burrs. Side profile milling is more selective, and sharp small diameter milling cutters with less cutting resistance are preferred.