How to improve the flatness of aluminum alloy sheets?

- Jan 09, 2019-

1. Use useful molds to improve the flatness of the product.

The repairing method is the most commonly used treatment method for the flatness of the kneading material at home and abroad. The strength of this method is that it has a wide range of application. Basically, all the kneading materials can be selected. The disadvantage is that the demand stops production. After the mold is processed, it will be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it will not be conducive to energy saving. The flat void of the sheet is mainly related to the uneven flow velocity of the mold. After changing the size or viewpoint of the diversion pit, or changing the length of the working belt, it is useful to adjust the metal flow rate so that the flow rate is uniform and the plane void is eliminated. Shortcomings. This kind of plate generally adopts this method in the initial stage of production. Some molds can be used to repair the flatness problem once. Some molds require three times or even more times to completely deal with the flatness problem. This is not only related to the mold itself, but also repaired together. The technical level of the mold workers also has a greater connection.

2, use offline finishing to correct the flatness of the product

Firstly, according to the characteristics of the detailed flatness of the plate, the roller of the off-line finishing machine is reasonably equipped, and then a flattened product is used for the fixed roll. After continuously adjusting the height and orientation of the roll, the product is to be After the flatness is passed, the height and orientation of the rolls are fixed, and then the batch of the article is subjected to off-line finishing. Off-line finishing is generally more time-consuming and effortless, and it also has a certain impact on the appearance of the product.

3. Select online finishing to correct the flatness of the product.

Considering that the number of orders is relatively large, if offline finishing is selected, the production power and the manpower will be greatly reduced. After a certain moment of commentary exploration and the principle of offline finishing, the concept of online finishing is proposed. And decided to create a small equipment for online finishing, if successful, it will not affect the production power and will save a lot of manpower.