How to improve the quality and output of aluminum profiles?

- Mar 06, 2019-

Due to the variety of specifications of aluminum profiles and the complicated material flow conditions during the extrusion process, the extrusion die is subjected to poor load conditions, making the development of aluminum extrusion products and the design of molds an arduous task. The traditional production model, which relies on experience design and retesting, cannot meet the needs of modern economic development. In the market economy environment where efficiency is life and quality is the key, aluminum extrusion enterprises pay more attention to improving the success rate of mold design and processing and the yield and yield of extrusion. In the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy semi-finished products, extrusion is one of the main forming processes. The quality of extrusion die and the speed of extrusion directly affect the product quality and output of aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion production enterprises.

In this case, how to increase the productivity of the extruder has become a top priority. There are many measures to improve productivity. It is an effective measure to improve the level of installed capacity, improve the quality of workers, and improve management.

First, the main factors affecting the output and quality of products

1, the importance of the quality of aluminum rods

For aluminum profiles with high quality requirements, the quality of aluminum rods directly affects the quality and output of the products. Alloying, graining, refining and homogenization of high quality ingots can reduce the loss of the mold and improve the effective Production time, thereby increasing the extrusion speed to achieve maximum output.

2. Advanced equipment and high-quality workers are prerequisites for increasing production.

Advanced equipment, high-quality workers, and modern scientific management play a vital role in improving the output of extruded products.

3, the importance of the mold

Reasonable mold design, timely nitriding to improve the hardness and smoothness of the mold work belt, reduce the number of mold changes, reduce non-work efficiency time, improve product quality and reduce scrap rate, is very important to achieve maximum output.

4. The important relationship between temperature control and increasing production

Typically, if there are no unscheduled downtimes, then the maximum output is primarily determined by the extrusion speed, while the latter is subject to four factors, three of which are fixed. The last factor is that the temperature and its degree of control are variable.