How to judge the quality of industrial aluminum profile

- Mar 19, 2018-

Aluminum industry is a main component of aluminum alloy material in the aluminum rod by hot melt extrusion, aluminum material and different section shapes, but added to the alloy the proportion of different mechanical properties and the application field of industrial aluminum produced is different. How to get the good quality of the aluminum industry?

1. Aluminum manufacturers - large aluminum factory, raw materials, production process standards, strict quality control, processing costs are much higher than small manufacturers, processing fees can be a difference of 2000-3000 / ton. Reduced 2-3 yuan / kg. In recent years With the industrial level, the aluminum industry is becoming more and more popular. The sales also show diversification and the price gap is unclear. Unknown customers will only choose industrial aluminum sales companies from the lowest price. This forces some to stick to quality first The company from the lower raw material and processing costs, to ensure sales, market confusion is becoming increasingly evident.

2. chemical components, mixed with a large amount of waste aluminum, industrial aluminum profiles can greatly reduce the cost, but will lead to the disqualification of the chemical composition of the industrial aluminum, seriously endangering the safety engineering.

3. the thickness distribution of roughly the same size as well as the drawings, section size, width, wall thickness of the center hole, but the difference is very large, it can be quite different weight, every price is correspondingly large gap. In addition, low industrial aluminum can reduce the number of closing time, reduce the consumption of chemical reagents. To reduce the cost of materials, but the corrosion resistance of Ji'nan aluminum industry is greatly reduced.

4. the thickness of the oxide film thickness is not enough, the aluminum surface is easy to rust and corrosion. The national standard construction and industrial aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10um (m). Some of the property name, address, production license, certificate of industrial aluminum, 2 to 4um is the thickness of the film, some even without film. Experts estimate that each to reduce the 1um film thickness, can reduce the power consumption of 150 yuan per ton of material.