How to reduce or avoid the scrapping of aluminum profiles due to bending?

- Mar 14, 2019-

The technicians who usually produce extruded aluminum profiles know that it is very unworthy to scrap the profiles under bending conditions. We believe this can be avoided. So how do you reduce or avoid scrapping aluminum profiles due to bending?

Squeeze straightening: Straightening is a very serious part of the bending caused by the profile. The straightening work must pay attention to the strength used for straightening. If the force is too large, it may cause deformation, closing, orange peel, etc. of the profile. The resulting profile is not straight and causes bending.

Extrusion frame: This part is also very important. After the length of the saw is finished, it is necessary to frame the frame. This fashion frame worker should pay attention to it: whether the material is large or small, is it with tube material or flat mold? The material that comes out? Generally speaking, the large material and the material with the tube are not easy to cause bending at the ends of the material. However, the material pulled out by the small material and the flat mold can easily cause bending at both ends, and then it should be The two ends are close to the middle to carry out the lifting frame. However, even if some of the profiles are not enough, such as louvers, window panels, glands, etc., it is necessary to put such materials on the aged profiles and then lift them into the frame.

Surface treatment on the shelf: the billet is aging, the hardness has reached the standard, the profile is not so easy to bend, but it should be paid attention to when laying on the shelf. When lifting the material at both ends, try to avoid the fluctuations of the top and bottom. The strong fluctuation will also cause certain defects on the profile. Bending.