How to test the hardness of aluminum profiles with a Vickers hardness tester?

- Jan 02, 2019-

The Vickers hardness tester for aluminum profile inspection is a small portable instrument for measuring the hardness of aluminum profiles quickly and easily. It can measure the shape that other instruments can't or can't measure, such as extruded aluminum profiles, pipes, plates and so on. The measurement process is harmless to the workpiece and does not have to be sampled. It is especially suitable for rapid non-destructive hardness inspection of aluminum profiles at the production site, at the sales site or at the construction site.


1. Determine whether the aluminum profile has heat treatment, check the heat treatment effect, and judge whether the mechanical properties of the aluminum profile are qualified.

2. Determine whether the aluminum profile is machined from an improper alloy and determine whether the aluminum alloy composition is acceptable.

3. Measurement of excessively long, heavy workpieces or assemblies that are inconvenient to be sent to the laboratory.

4. It is used for production inspection, acceptance inspection and quality supervision and inspection of aluminum profiles.

main feature

1. Small size, light weight, easy to carry with one hand.

2. The reading is convenient and can be easily converted into other hardness values. The measuring range is mainly used to measure aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy materials, as well as copper alloy materials. Its measuring range is equivalent to: aluminum profile: 24 ~ 110HRE copper alloy: 60 ~ 90 HRF

3. Can measure a variety of aluminum profiles.

4. The operation is simple, and the operation skill has no effect on the reading.