Introduction of super wide and thick boat aluminum plate

- Nov 22, 2018-

The shipbuilding industry is a high-end manufacturing industry. Due to the complex marine environment and extremely high requirements for shipbuilding materials, hull materials have always been dominated by steel in the manufacture of large ships. As a new material that has far more potential than steel, aluminum sheet is also constantly deriving new models and infiltrating this high-end manufacturing industry.

In fact, aluminum plates have been used as materials for ships for a hundred years, but they have been mainly used to manufacture small ships of 1,000 tons or less. For ships of 10,000 tons or even more than 10,000 tons, the performance of aluminum plates is still not satisfactory. In small vessels in developed countries, from thousands of tons of marine research vessels, commercial vessels, to small yachts, from aluminum hulls, decks to ship pumps and other components, aluminum panels can be seen. With the further refinement and high-end of aluminum processing, the performance of aluminum sheets is getting higher and higher, and it is more and more welcomed by the shipbuilding industry. It is more and more widely used in the shipbuilding industry. Ships with aluminum plates as hull materials are increasingly More, the tonnage is getting bigger and bigger.

In order to manufacture ships, especially large ships, conventional-sized aluminum plates are incapable, and only ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates can be used for the production of large ships. As the size of the aluminum plate is getting larger and larger, the difficulty of production and processing will also increase, and the scrap rate will continue to rise. In the past, China's production and processing technology can not support the production of ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates, and can only rely on imports. Shipbuilding can only be based on steel. With the development of China's manufacturing industry, aluminum plate rolling technology is constantly improving, super wide and super thick. The production process of aluminum plates was overcome by domestic manufacturers, and the domestic ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates began to be applied on a large scale.

With China's increasing emphasis on maritime rights and the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry, domestic ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum panels will provide strong support for high-end manufacturing industries such as China's automobiles and ships.