Maintenance method of aluminum profile

- Mar 19, 2018-

1, view the aluminum products factory certificate, pay attention to production date, specifications, technical conditions, enterprise name and production license number.

2, look carefully at the surface condition of aluminum products, the product should be bright colors, good gloss, the surface can not have obvious scratches, bubbles and other defects.

3, we must pay attention to the wall thickness of the aluminum product. The thickness of the door and window should not be less than 1.2mm.

4, pay attention to the surface coating thickness of aluminum products, products of oxidation anode film thickness not less than 10 m, the electrophoresis paint product film thickness not less than 17 mu m, the thickness of the coating powder coating does not exceed 40-120 m range, fluorocarbon paint spraying products should be coated in two above, not less than 30 m.