Method for oil stain on aluminum tube surface

- Mar 11, 2019-

If the aluminum tube is used for a long time, it will be stained. This article tells you how to remove the oil on the surface of the aluminum tube.

1. Neutral formula of aluminum tube, no damage to hands, no corrosion. The unique professional formula does not contain high alkaline chemicals such as caustic soda and aluminum hydroxide. Ensure that the human body and equipment are absolutely safe during the cleaning process.

2, aluminum tube cleaning speed, no residue. The product adopts imported non-ionic active agent, aluminum tube biosurfactant, and the advanced imported reference formula is scientifically compounded and refined. The aluminum tube has instant permeability, super emulsification ability, good compatibilizing performance, excellent water washing property, etc. ,

3. The aluminum tube is environmentally friendly and efficient. The biodegradation rate of the ingredients used in the formulation exceeds 95%, and does not contain phosphorus, nitrate, lead, mercury, and the like. The aluminum tube can effectively alleviate the treatment pressure and treatment cost of the wastewater.

4, aluminum tube cost-effective. The product can be diluted 5-15 times with water according to the degree of oil stain. The aluminum tube is superior to the diesel cleaning or traditional chemical cleaning method, and the oil cleaning agent is more reasonable and safer.