Precision aluminum tubes need to be properly maintained

- Mar 07, 2019-

Precision aluminum tubes require proper maintenance. Although the precision aluminum tube has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance and durability, unreasonable maintenance, installation and maintenance will also affect the appearance of the product and the color of the surface.

1. During the handling process, the precision aluminum tube must be handled gently, to prevent the surface from being bumped and the surface is beautiful.

2. During the transportation process, the precision aluminum tube must be covered with a cloth to prevent the intrusion of rain and snow.

3. The precision aluminum tube must be stored in a place with dry, bright, well-ventilated and non-corrosive climate.

5. The precision aluminum tube must be stored separately from chemical materials and moist materials during storage.

4. When the precision aluminum tube is stored, it is recommended that the small size can be placed on the shelf. The storage method of the large-size aluminum tube is preferably separated from the ground by the spacer at the bottom, and the distance from the ground is greater than 10CM; the large-size materials are stacked together. When it is better, the material is spaced up and down with materials such as wood strips/wood boards.