Several forming method of aluminum plate

- Nov 16, 2018-

The main forming methods of aluminum sheets are: casting forming method, forging forming method, plastic forming method and deep processing method.

Casting method: using aluminum liquid with good fluidity and fillability, the aluminum solution is poured into various models under certain temperature, speed and external force to obtain aluminum plate and aluminum coil with desired shape and texture. Methods.

Forging type method: Applying an external force to a metal blank (excluding an aluminum plate) to plastically deform, change the size, shape and improve the performance, and to form a machining method for mechanical parts, workpieces, tools or blanks.

Plastic forming method: using the good plasticity of aluminum and aluminum alloy, applying various external forces under certain temperature and speed conditions, overcoming the resistance of the metal to deformation, causing plastic deformation, thereby obtaining various switches, sizes and Processing methods for aluminum sheets, aluminum strips, aluminum coils, aluminum tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum forgings, etc.

Deep processing method: the semi-finished product obtained by the casting molding method or the plastic molding method is further processed into a finished product by surface treatment or surface modification, mechanical processing or electric processing, welding or other joining, shearing, punching, stretching, bending and the like. The method of the part or part.