The application of aluminum tube in life

- Mar 19, 2018-

1. Application range of aluminum tube

It is suitable for the test of pressure and blasting performance of various automobile hose, rubber tube, air conditioning pipe, automobile assembly and so on. Measurement of burst pressure and pressure time for various types of pipe fittings. It is widely used in various fields, such as quality inspection units, various vehicle parts and manufacturing units, product quality testing stations, research institutes and other kinds of hose production, development and research fields. The pressure test system is composed of a pressure system and a control and display system.

The system is mainly composed of pressurized liquid booster pump and other components, mainly completes the system pressure and pressure, pressure and pressure to ensure long time test. The control and display system can control the pressure of the driving gas, control the pressure relief, display the pressure in time, control the pressure and so on.

Two. The composition of the equipment

1. Core components: pressurize the liquid through a liquid pressurized pump to meet the pressure requirements of the test.

2, pneumatic two parts: the compressed air filtration and pressure adjustment;

3, speed regulating valve: adjust the driving air flow to adjust the frequency of the turbocharger, and prolong the service life of the supercharger.

4, high pressure filter: filtration of gas;

5, high pressure limit pressure valve: set up the automatic stop and opening pressure of the supercharger to ensure that the turbocharger can stop automatically when the pressure is set.