The working efficiency can be improved by arranging the working procedure in aluminum plate processing

- Nov 01, 2018-

Aluminum plate processing should pay attention to the choice of plate, aluminum plate hardness is relatively high, very easy to break, so in the raw materials this level must be good, must choose good quality aluminum. In the purchase of aluminum need to see its brand and status, and then according to the requirements of the drawings to choose the brand of aluminum.

Then aluminum sheet processing also pay attention to the aluminum sheet transportation and processing process protection work, the specific requirement is strictly in accordance with the customer's requirements to process, reduce damage due to the transport process of parts. In addition, in the process of aluminum plate processing must pay attention to the placement of aluminum plate parts, must be placed in the designated location, easy to handle.

Machining according to different processing drawings, processing programs, the corresponding process will have the corresponding arrangement, aluminum plate processing generally using a variety of CNC processing equipment, combined with the operator's technology, to process the workpiece parameters required by customers. Sometimes the face of some complex processing tasks, will always appear this kind of problem, this time in addition to the equipment, tool adjustment, do not forget to adjust the direction of the process.

In high speed cutting, due to large machining allowance and interrupted cutting, vibration often occurs in milling process, which affects the precision and Surface roughness of aluminum plate. Therefore, CNC high-speed cutting process can be generally divided into rough machining-semi-finishing-angle-finishing and other processes. For high precision parts, sometimes need to carry out a second semi-finishing, then finish machining. After rough machining, the parts can be cooled naturally to eliminate the internal stress caused by rough machining and reduce deformation. The allowance left after roughing should be greater than the amount of deformation, usually 1-2mm. When finishing machining, the surface of the finished parts should be kept uniform machining allowance, generally 0.2-0.5 mm is suitable, so that the cutting tool is in a stable state in the process of machining, cutting deformation can be greatly reduced, and good surface processing quality can be obtained Guarantee the accuracy of the product.