What are the features of industrial aluminum products?

- Jan 04, 2019-

Industrial aluminum is an alloy material formed by using aluminum as a raw material and adding different alloying elements, and aluminum rods are subjected to a series of processes such as heating, extrusion, straightening, aging and surface treatment to form different sections. The shape of the aluminum profile, its advantages are light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, as well as a variety of mechanical properties such as hardness, ductility, elasticity, toughness and yield strength.

With the improvement of industrial modernization, the material, dimensional error and performance requirements of building industrial production line equipment are becoming more and more strict. Industrial aluminum profile products are a new type of material specially developed for industrial production line equipment, and the surface is extremely smooth and beautiful. Lightweight, high temperature resistant, highly corrosive, easy to assemble and disassemble, and recyclable. These characteristics make industrial aluminum profiles exhibit different mechanical properties and superiority in various working environments, and are widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, rail transit and other fields.

Industrial aluminum

For the industrial production construction, the 6063-T5 aluminum profile is generally used. The main alloying element is aluminum-magnesium-silicon, the content of magnesium is between 0.49-0.9, the content of silicon is between 0.2-0.6, and other copper and chromium. The alloy content is very small, all below 0.1, so it is also called aluminum-magnesium alloy. The T5 state is a state that needs to be cooled by high-temperature molding and then artificially aged. It can be straightened, but can not be cold-worked. In the process of industrial aluminum profile processing, it is subjected to various surface treatment steps such as acid water washing, alkaline water washing, acid-base neutralization and anodizing treatment. The surface coating layer can reach 12 μm or more, so it has high oxidation resistance and mechanical properties. .

Due to the special production process and alloying elements of industrial aluminum, and the low density of aluminum itself, the produced industrial aluminum profile products are light in weight, the surface is silvery white, and can be sprayed according to the use requirements in the later stage. The corrosion resistance is strong, and the unique groove design combines with standardized product accessories, which also facilitates the rapid assembly of the later frame structure to realize the user's use concept, enhance the user experience, and greatly shorten the installation schedule. The 6063-T5 series of industrial aluminum profiles have a tensile strength of up to 180 MPa, a yield strength of 127 MPa, an elastic modulus of 68600 N/mm2 and a hardness of 62 HB. The industrial aluminum profile frame used for construction has a high load carrying capacity. Can be used to meet the needs of different industrial fields.

According to the special processing technology of industrial aluminum, it has very good ductility, corrosion resistance and high strength. It can be used in various industrial production workshops to build various industrial production equipment and auxiliary equipment, showing very high Mechanical properties, even in the face of a variety of harsh production environments, are also durable, and the appearance is beautiful, easy to assemble, can shorten the construction period, according to different use requirements, can achieve rapid construction of various production line equipment, improve efficiency, improve product quality.