What is the application range of the checkered aluminum plate?

- Nov 23, 2018-

The application of aluminum is not a one-off process. In the Napoleonic era, aluminum was a much more precious metal than gold and silver. With the development of smelting technology, the output of aluminum is getting bigger and bigger, and the cost is getting lower and lower. Nowadays, it has become one of the most important metals in human society. Patterned aluminum sheet is an important classification in aluminum products and plays a very important role in our production and life.

What is the application range of the checkered aluminum plate? The most basic application of the checkered aluminum plate is anti-slip. Our most common application scenarios are buses, escalators, elevators, etc. The anti-slip is the pattern aluminum plate. In these environments, the performance requirements of the aluminum plate are not high, and the performance of the 1060 checkered aluminum plate can be satisfied.

Cold storage and refrigeration equipment also need anti-slip. In these environments, anti-rust performance is the most important indicator. The performance of 1060- checkered aluminum plate is not suitable for non-slip of cold storage. 3003 checkered aluminum plate is the most suitable anti-rust aluminum plate. Non-slip engineering in wet conditions. In addition to the 3003 aluminum plate, 3A21 checkered aluminum plate is also relatively common, both of which belong to the 3 series aluminum manganese alloy plate.

In the environment near the sea, such as ships and ports, in addition to the humidity, it is also facing a corrosive environment such as salt and alkali. At this time, the 5052- checkered aluminum plate is showing its talents. One of the advantages of the 5 series aluminum plate is that it can effectively resist the corrosion of acid and alkali environment, so in the maritime environment, the 5052 checkered aluminum plate is the most important non-slip material. Of course, in the 5 series aluminum plate, there are also 5083, 5754 and other grades, they can all be used to produce checkered aluminum plates.

What is the application range of the checkered aluminum plate? There is also a kind of application scenario, such as high-altitude work platform, high temperature, anti-skid under high acid and alkali corrosion environment. For safety reasons, the performance of the checkered aluminum plate is extremely high, and the 6061 checkered aluminum plate came into being. The 6061 checkered aluminum plate has excellent performance in all aspects and can provide strong protection against slip in high-risk environments.

The above is the main application range of the checkered aluminum plate, but it is not the scope of all applications. With the continuous advancement of aluminum smelting technology and the continuous evolution of production technology, more varieties and more materials of checkered aluminum plates will appear, playing an important role in more industries.