What kinds of commonly used mold aluminum plates?

- Nov 30, 2018-

Aluminum molds have many characteristics such as high precision, long service life, easy processing, and multiple recovery. They are very popular molds in recent years. In the aluminum plate series, the molds are mainly made of medium-hardness 5 and 6-series alloys and 2, 7-series alloys with strong hardness. The company can choose according to different needs.

The 2 series aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-copper alloy, and the main alloying element is copper. Copper is an important alloying element with solid solution strengthening effect. After adding copper to aluminum alloy, the aging effect is obviously enhanced, and the alloy has a very strong strengthening effect. The best effect is when the copper content is 4%-6%. .

The 5 series aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy. In addition to the mold manufacturing accident, the aluminum-magnesium alloy is also the most commonly used aluminum plate in the automotive industry. Magnesium has a significant strengthening effect on aluminum alloy. For every 1% increase in magnesium in the alloy, the tensile strength increases by 34 MPa. The aluminum-magnesium alloy is medium strength, strong in plasticity, and has good weldability and rust resistance.

The 6-series aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy, and the main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon. The addition of silicon to the alloy allows the aluminum alloy to have excellent castability and corrosion resistance. The alloy formed by a certain ratio of aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy has excellent performance and is the main material for manufacturing high-end precision molds. one.

The 7-series aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloy, and the main alloying elements are zinc and magnesium. The addition of zinc to the alloy alone does not significantly affect the alloy, and it will cause problems such as stress corrosion cracking. However, AlZn2 formed by the two elements of zinc and magnesium has a strong strengthening effect on the alloy and the tensile strength of the alloy. The strength and yield strength increase as the proportion increases. The 7-series aluminum plate is also an important material for the aerospace and aerospace industries.