What's the difference between an aluminum sheet and a common aluminum plate?

- Mar 19, 2018-

The aluminum sheet is one of the plates in the aluminum material, which is actually a thin, long, narrow and rolled aluminum sheet.

The difference between a roll and a flat is a tailored package.

Cold hard aluminum coils are hot rolled aluminum rolls through pickling and cold rolling. It can be said to be one of the cold rolled sheets.

Cold rolled sheet (annealed): hot rolled aluminum rolls are obtained through pickling, cold rolling, bell type annealing, leveling, and (finishing).

There are three main differences between the two.

1, the general appearance, a bit cold rolling aluminum micro Ukraine.

2, the surface quality, structure, size accuracy and other cold rolled plates are better than cold hard aluminum coils.

3, performance, as the hot rolled aluminum coil directly obtained through cold rolling process, the cold hard aluminum coil is hardened during cold rolling, resulting in increased yield strength and residual internal stress. The external performance is "hard", so it is called cold hard aluminum coil.