Which aluminum plate belongs to the pattern aluminum plate

- Mar 19, 2018-

The pattern aluminum plate is widely used in the life, in the transportation, in the building and so on. The following will give you a detailed description of which kind of aluminum plate belongs to the pattern aluminum plate?

Wire drawing aluminum plate: after some main processes, such as deesterification, sand mill and water washing, its manufacturing method is very special. The aluminum plate which is scraped and scraped repeatedly by sandpaper is called aluminum wire drawing. In the process of shaving, we use a special anodic stage, which is to create a protective film on the surface of the aluminum plate, so that every silk trace can be clearly seen and has a hair luster.

Aluminum oxide plate: the aluminum plate, which is usually treated after electrolysis, is called aluminum oxide plate. The surface of the aluminum plate after oxidation will form an oxide layer of 6-25 microns, but some hard oxide films can be thicker.

PS aluminum plate: also called the advertisement aluminum plate, which refers to the aluminum plate with 025 or 03 materials on the back of the aluminum plate.

Mirror aluminum plate: as the name suggests, the mirror aluminum plate is the aluminum plate used in the mirror after a number of grinding and processing.

Embossed aluminum: this aluminum in some packaging, stickers for more, he is made of aluminum after rolling processing, produce a lot of pattern on the surface of an aluminum plate, give you a visual sense is very good.