Wide application of Aluminum honeycomb plate

- Dec 27, 2018-

Inspired by the hive, the honeycomb structure resists the squeezing force much more than any circle or square. Aluminum honeycomb plate not only have excellent performance in large scale and flatness, but also have many choices in shape, surface treatment, color, installation system, etc., and have been welcomed in the market in recent years.

The aluminum honeycomb plate has good performance and obvious advantages. It has higher bending stiffness and higher bending strength, that is, light weight and high strength. The flatness is very good, which can meet the requirements of the maximum separation of building curtain walls, and achieve the best architectural performance with the least building components; various surface treatments are available. Choice; good fire performance; good sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, shockproof and other functions; good environmental protection, 100% recycling. The aluminum honeycomb back plate is made of the same material as the panel. The surface is anodized. The exposed surface should be coated with a protective coating. The coating material can be polyester, epoxy or acrylic. Prevents long-term exposure to air and causes corrosion of the aluminum plate.

Aluminum honeycomb composites are an emerging civilian material that has emerged in recent years and were previously limited to the military sector. Because of its light texture, fireproof, soundproofing, corrosion resistance, and can save a lot of aluminum and stone, it is known as the revolution of the material industry. In the past five years, the output of aluminum honeycomb composite materials in China has maintained an average growth rate of 22%. In recent years, domestic enterprises have continuously innovated in technology. The country's first 2000 mm ultra-wide specification aluminum honeycomb composite board production line has started, showing good results. The development trend.