Wide application of aluminum square sheets

- Oct 29, 2018-

The wide application of aluminum square sheets, the thickness of the aluminum square sheets is inconsistent, the compactness is also inconsistent, and the aluminum square sheets are now widely used in many industries. The aluminum plate and aluminum alloy are processed by a certain pressure to make a uniform thickness material. When judging the quality of the aluminum square sheet, the surface finish of the aluminum square sheet can be observed, and the thickness of the aluminum square sheet can also be observed. If the aluminum plate is too thick, it is not easy to bend. Under the same cooling capacity, the surface of the aluminum foil on the market has better hydrophilicity and thus improves the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner.

When the aluminum plate is subjected to cold deformation processing, forging, cold deformation or the like under the recrystallization temperature, the general state is completely hard, semi-hard, and the soft state is different, and the internal dislocation density of the aluminum plate is increased to prevent dislocation motion. The aluminum plate is scratch-resistant and can be applied to electronic products. The aluminum plate processing is applied to the decoration or has strict requirements for the oxidation effect. Generally, the alloying of aluminum square sheets constitutes a limited solid solution, and a large limit solubility can play a large solid solution strengthening effect. It should be noted that when the aluminum square piece is dirty, do not use hot water for cleaning, and also need to choose a suitable detergent.