2018 Düsseldorf Aluminum Industry Exhibition

- Sep 28, 2018-

Exhibition name: 2018 German Aluminum Exhibition in Düsseldorf (German Aluminum Exhibition)

Exhibition time: October 09-October 11, 2018

Venue: Europe/Germany Düsseldorf International Exhibition Center

Duration: two years

Organizer: Reed Exhibitions (Germany) Company

China Group Exhibition: Beijing Li Dechang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Openness: open to professionals and professional audiences

Since its inception in 1997, the Aluminium Industry Exhibition (ALUMINIUM), which is known as the “Aluminum Olympics”, has been held every two years and regularly at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany. It has developed into the world's leading aluminum industry. A grand event.

Aluminium Düsseldorf aluminium industry exhibition ALUMINIUM is the first choice for the exhibition of aluminium industry and related equipment. The exhibition covers the entire value chain from refining to finished products for automotive manufacturing and transportation, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, packaging design, and aluminum processing and refining technologies. It will fully demonstrate the development of the aluminum industry, as a supplier of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, manufacturers and builders of machinery, equipment and plants for aluminum production and processing and surface treatment, as well as light metal trading and consulting services. The corporate and application industries provide an international platform for presentation and negotiation.

The Düsseldorf Aluminium Industry Exhibition has about 900 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and will showcase nearly a thousand innovative products, as well as deep technology development and the latest trends. ALUMINIUM is the most important display platform for the aluminum industry and related supporting applications. Aluminium producers, processors, refiners, and suppliers of technology and add-on products, as well as suppliers of complementary applications, will gather in Germany in September.


Hall 09: Metalworking, welding and joining

Hall 10: Foundry, heat treatment furnace technology

Hall 11: Primary production, recycling

Hall 12: Surface treatment, semi-finished products

Hall 13: Semi-finished products (rolling equipment)

Hall 14: Semi-finished products (extruders)

More than 18,000 industry visitors will come to the Düsseldorf Aluminum Industry Exhibition to find new solutions and new technologies, not only raw material producers, but also processors, refiners, suppliers in the automotive and construction industries. For example, component manufacturers offer suppliers of the latest technologies such as forming extrusion, heating, processing, casting, sawing or surface refining.