A Few Of China's Aluminum Production Capacity Stopped

- Oct 26, 2018-

1. Chongqing Tiantai Aluminum Co., Ltd. withdrew 60,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum capacity. Recently, some electrolytic aluminum plants in China have reduced production due to losses, etc., involving a production capacity of 280,000 tons, and another 300,000 tons of capacity or maintenance. Production cuts and maintenance have a certain effect on the relief of supply pressure, but the intensity is still limited. Production cuts and maintenance costs and stabilization or suppression of short-term price declines, but the price rebound needs further stimulus.

2. The alumina plant of Inner Mongolia Datang International Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd. was shut down, its built capacity was 200,000 tons/year, and the operating capacity before shutdown was 120,000 tons/year.

3. The maintenance of the planned overhaul of electrolytic aluminum of Dongxing Aluminum Co., Ltd. under the Jiugang Group is about to start, with a scale of about 300,000 tons, including 180,000 tons of Jiajia Shaoguan Company and 120,000 tons of Weixi Company.