Alcoa Australia Aluminum Strike Continues

- Sep 27, 2018-

1. The strike of Alcoa's Aluminium project continued, and the union said it would consult with the employer again. The trade union of Alcoa's Western Australia Aluminum Project said it will meet with the employers on Wednesday to find a solution to the strike that lasted more than six weeks. Alcoa adjusted its salary proposal last week. The union workers of the two alumina plants and the three bauxite mines began to strike on August 8. They were worried that the new agreement had no job security. The timing of the strike was also sensitive, which coincided with the tight supply of alumina. As a result, aluminum prices rose by 20% in one month. Australian Workers Union senior Milke Zoetbrood said the union negotiating team will meet with Alcoa on Wednesday to discuss how to resolve the dispute. Alcoa submitted a new proposal on Thursday to address concerns about job security. "We are scheduled to hold a trade union meeting this Friday, and we hope that we can get reasonable results for our members by then." Alcoa said earlier this month that the alumina production of the Western Australia project was about 15,000 tons in August, and the annual output of the project is about It is 9 million tons, or 25,000 tons / day.

2. The United States is willing to provide India with a tariff on aluminum and steel tariffs. Indian media reported yesterday that the US government could approve some Indian aluminum smelters to be exempted from full 10% tariffs, but did not publish too much detail. Indian TV channel ET NOW announced the news yesterday. If the situation is true, this will be a good opportunity for India to continue to call on the United States to increase its tariff exemption for steel and aluminum. The Indian government has always believed that the amount of aluminum and steel exported to the United States is relatively small compared to the annual imports of aluminum and steel in the United States, so that it cannot pose a major threat to US competitiveness. A few days after the US announced new tariffs in the past few months, India has begun to file an exemption complaint with the Trump administration through official channels. So far, the US government has not yet responded positively to India’s pleading. In addition, the Indian government decided in June to increase import taxes on various US goods, including almonds, walnuts and apples. However, although the tax will take effect in early August, the government has delayed the implementation of taxes twice.