Aluminum Industry News On March 15, 2019

- Mar 15, 2019-

(1) According to foreign news on March 13th, Norsk Hydro ASA said on Wednesday that the roof structure of its Nuess aluminum plant in Germany was damaged and aluminum production was affected. The company said that the Neuss plant's aluminum production may be reduced by 10,000-20,000 tons. Norwegian Hydro said that the financial impact of Neuss' production disruption is expected to be limited and that delivery to customers is not expected to be affected.

(2) On March 5, the National Emergency Management Department issued a notice: from March to April, special enforcement actions for metal non-metallic underground mines will be carried out nationwide, including 25 districts and counties in 20 provinces. The bauxite mining areas such as Luanchuan County and Qixian County of Henan Province, Nandan County of Hechi City of Guangxi Province, and Kaiyang County of Guizhou Province of Guizhou Province are in the production range. Local mining enterprises may be affected to some extent.

(3) RUSAL plans to start the second production line of Boguchansk smelter at the end of March. RUSAL previously indicated plans to increase the smelter's aluminum capacity from 149,000 tons per year to 298,000 tons per year.