America Aluminum Industry Production Status

- Aug 08, 2018-

1. The largest aluminum producer in the United States hopes to obtain tariff exemptions, which are designed to boost domestic metal production. Alcoa Corp. (AA) on Monday asked the US government to impose a tariff exemption on aluminum imported from Canada. The company made aluminum sheets for cans in the US factory using Canadian imported raw aluminum. Since the Trump administration imposed a 10% tariff on imported aluminum in March this year, some US smelters have begun to restart. But Pittsburgh-based Alcoa says the company can't find enough aluminum alloys in the US to produce cans. Alcoa is the largest producer of raw aluminum in the United States, but the United States last year only accounted for 14% of Alcoa's global aluminum production. The company hopes that the US Department of Commerce will grant a tariff exemption to 40,000 tons of special aluminum alloy used by Alcoa for the production of cans.