April 24 Aluminum Industry News

- Apr 24, 2018-

1. On November 10, 2018, the most influential aluminum processing technology exchange event hosted by the Aluminum Processing Professional Committee of the Guangdong Non-Ferrous Metals Society, “The 20th 9th Guangdong Aluminum Processing Technology (International) Seminar” It will be held at the Nanhai • Jiasigao Hotel in Guangdong.


2. The EU requested on the 23rd to join China’s appeal to the WTO in response to the steel and aluminum tariffs that the United States plans to introduce.


3. Foreign news on April 20th, according to the data released by the International Aluminum Association (IAI) on Friday, the daily average daily output of primary aluminum in March (excluding China) increased from 71,800 tons to 72,000 tons.


4. On April 20th, Qinghai Investment Group Qiaodian Industrial Co., Ltd. invested nearly 300 million yuan to complete the disposal of waste carbon residue and aluminum ash slag disposal line in the disposal of 75,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum hazardous waste projects annually through the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental protection acceptance.


5. On April 20th, the 2018 China Bauxite, Alumina and Auxiliary Material Market Seminar and Antaike Alumina Price Quotation Plan Presentation Conference was held in Beijing. The conference was hosted by Beijing Antaike Information Co., Ltd., and China Aluminum International Trade Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Co.