China's Alumina Exports Continue To Increase

- Sep 14, 2018-

1. The first batch of caustic soda in the Abu Dhabi alumina project of the United Arab Emirates United Aluminum (EGA), which is expected to be put into production in the first half of 2019, will meet its requirements after full production. 40% alumina demand.

2. According to SMM, the annual production of 300,000 tons of aluminum-magnesium alloy construction project of Shaanxi Meixin Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. will be put into operation on September 15.

3. "Win Alliance" Guinea's annual output of 1 million tons of alumina project is planned to start in 2019

4. According to customs data, from January to July, China's alumina exports totaled 340,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 1024%. "China is a major importer of alumina, with a net import of more than 2 million tons per year. This year, it is expected to have a net export, which makes the market unexpected." The gap created by the sanctions against Rusal is compensated by China, the world's largest aluminum producer. It will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in China's aluminum exports in the short term. "Non-ferrous metal analyst Wang Wei said that according to Rusal's forecast, if the sanctions cannot be lifted in October, Rusal's output may fall by 30%-70% year-on-year. Meanwhile, in September, it may start to downgrade its aluminum in Siberia and other places. Production. According to industry insiders, China is currently playing a key balancing role in the global aluminum market, exporting alumina above normal levels to fill the gap in other parts of the world. “Chinese producers have barely achieved breakeven, and outside China. Marginal producers are losing money. “We maintain a short-term neutral view, and aluminum is the most valuable in terms of cost support,” said Goldman Sachs analysts. Goldman Sachs believes that poor profitability will slow down the pace of new smelters on-line, and cost push will push up aluminum prices in the short term. Energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie said that if the US continues to impose sanctions on RUSAL in October, The price of aluminum at that time may exceed the aluminum price in April, reaching a seven-year high.

5. Iran's aluminum consumption growth rate is twice the global growth rate. Mehdi Karbasia, chairman of the Iranian Mining and Mining Development and Reform Organization (IMIDRO), said that global aluminum consumption is growing at an average annual rate of 6% and Iran at 12%. According to IRNA, in the world aluminum consumption, the automotive industry accounted for the highest proportion of 27%, followed by the construction industry accounted for 25%, the packaging industry accounted for 17%, and the power industry accounted for 12%. The above-mentioned organization (IMIDRO) is planning to build two factories: one is to build an alumina plant in the Parsian Special Economic Zone in Bushehr with an annual capacity of 800,000 tons; the other is to build an aluminum mill in the Lamard Special Economic Zone in Fars Province. The factory has an annual production capacity of 160,000 tons.